Hexxagon v2.10

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Description:Hexxagon - conquer a hexagonal world!

Hexxagon is an addictive abstract strategy board game played by two or three players on a hexagonal board.

In each round the player can either multiply to the neighbouring fields or jump to a distance of two, where all the opponent's pieces (surrounding your newly placed piece) will become yours! The game ends when there are no more free fields left. The winner is who has more pieces by the end. So get as many as you can!

You can play with puzzle mode where you can unlock your future rating boards. Here you can find over 100 levels with different themes fitting for the level. You can also score completion points based on the difficulty you set in. In puzzle mode the difficulty goes from one bronze star to three gold stars. The more stars you get the higher your puzzle score will be.

In rating mode you can play on the rating boards you unlocked in puzzle mode, rating scores work as in every ELO like rating system. Here the difficulties are from 200 to 2400 ratings.

In Zen mode we are giving 12 boards for free so you can try out the 3 player mode. Also you can play with any level, you've unlocked in puzzle mode, with any side of your choosing. Here you can achieve points with every win; you also have a score multiplier based on difficulty. Your score has no limits anymore, making it endless fun.

In PVP mode you can play with your friends.

* 4 Game modes
* 2 and 3 player levels
* Easy controls
* Addictive game play
* Great replayability
* Catchy graphics
* For your kids as well
* Compatibility with low and high resolution screens
* Board game
* ELO like rating system
* Unlock system in the puzzle mode
* Puzzle mode with over 100 different boards with different themes and 9 difficulties
* Zen mode with 3 player default levels, plus all the levels you unlocked in puzzle
* Player vs Player mode
* Rating mode with 12 difficulties
* High scores, achievements provided by Scoreloop
* Music and sfx
* Tablet support
* Heyzap included

Permissions needed for leaderboards and advertisement, so please don't worry about them!

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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