Open Garden v1.5.2

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Description: Open Garden enables you to share your mobile Internet with your laptop and tablet. No root access is required.

It requires bluetooth and to install the app on your Android phone and on your laptop or tablet. Once installed devices automatically connect.
Your laptop or Android tablet can now access mobile Internet coming from your phone anywhere it has no Wi-Fi.
No buttons to press and nothing to configure, all is done automatically once the app is installed on all devices.
When more devices running Open Garden are nearby, they all interconnect to create a peer-to-peer mesh network.
To detect nearby peers, we use location services. That includes GPS, if no other location service is available.
Connections can also be initiated manually using NFC - just tap the devices together! They will interconnect seamlessly.
The Open Garden app is completely free.

Open Garden works like a mobile wifi hotspot and provides you with the same benefits as tethering applications.
It is comparable to PDA Net or EasyTether but doesn't require the use of a USB cable. And unlike Wifi Tether, Barnacle or FoxFi no root access is required.
Open Garden is a wireless mesh networking application that turns any of your device into a portable hotspot.
When installed on your laptop and your Android phone Open Garden can let you use from your computer softwares like Skype, any mail client or browser and let you access Internet on the go as if you were at home.

Android OS Requierements: 2.0+


Download Instructions - APK:

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