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Description: Official Peppa Pig App - Polly Parrot is sure to delight all Peppa Pig fans
Peppa Pig Polly Parrot is an entertaining collection of four interactive games - plus special bonus reward sticker book featuring Peppa Pig and her family plus all the familiar music and sound effects.
Matching Pairs – Turn over the cards to find a matching pair. With 3 difficulty levels and 2 time modes, players can have fun taking as long as they like or race against the clock.
Talking Parrot - Based on the Nintendo DS mini-game, the player can make Polly Parrot say a variety of silly phrases guaranteed to make your little ones laugh out load.
Feed Polly - Polly is hungry and wants her crackers. The player has to count the correct number of crackers that Polly wants and choose the right colours.
Where's Polly - Oh dear, Polly has escaped from her cage. This is a hide and seek style game that involves the player trying to find Polly in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. There is also an against the clock mode.
Sticker Book - Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a sticker book.
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Pre-school phenomena Peppa Pig is currently one of the UK’s biggest pre-school properties and was awarded Best Pre-School Licensed Property at the 2009 Licensing Awards. The popular TV show is aired multiple times throughout the day on Five’s Milkshake and Nick Jr.
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