Barkley Garden Defender v1.0

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Description: Players are given the chance to defend its garden with a single slingshot—using fingers to control by holding and letting go the screen.

The game is quite easy at the begging. Then you will become very busy defending a large amount of enemies in the late game.

Good skills is necessary if you want to survive longer, including making combos and using your special weapons properly.

There are 3 modes playable :

1.Stage Mode -
You can play different attack wave one by one, keeping more flowers at the end will get more stars.

2.Survival Mode-
Shoot ! Shoot ! Shoot ! Keeping flowers as long as possible and Making ceaseless chain and combos to get the highest score on world leaderboard.

3.Darkness Mode-
A madness mode for maniac. Rotating your slingshot to get electricity to light up the battle field.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


Download Instructions - APK:

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