Gameloft's Asphalt 8: Infinity gets official, first dev diary leaks out

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It seems like Asphalt 7: Heat only just came out yesterday, but Gameloft isn’t resting on their laurels and are already into the deep development stage for the next game in the series, titled Asphalt 8: Infinity. We actually already knew of the existence of this game when Gameloft’s entire 2013 line-up was leaked, but now there’s in-game footage and a leaked developer’s diary to confirm everything.
 ­­The visuals here naturally see an upgrade, though they ultimately still look a lot like Asphalt 7: Heat. There are a lot more reflections and lighting effects, which kind of reminds me of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The cars are also more detailed, poly count has been increased and the cars physics have been revamped to look and feel more realistic.

It appears that the multiplayer mode will also see new elements brought to it, but it wasn’t specified just what these new elements are in the video. You can expect new tracks (one of which is an underground sewage tunnel that allows you to do some acrobatic stunts), cars and maybe one or two new campaign modes, but otherwise Asphalt 8: Infinity looks to build upon the foundation set by its predecessor.
So, are you excited already for Asphalt 8: Heat? The developer mentions that this new installment in the series will bring it even closer to a console-quality experience. In any case, the wait shouldn’t be too long now as the game is listed as “coming soon”. I can only hope that Gameloft will for once optimize the game to all Android chipsets (especially Tegra)!


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