Paper Racing v1.1

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Description: Paper Racing is an interesting and fun alternative style of racing game - it's a turn-based racing game.

The game simulates a car race on the sheet of paper. The rules for moving represent a car with certain inertia and physical limits on acceleration, braking and steering. It gives a very interesting and realistic driving behavior.

Current version features:
• Great graphics!
• Original gameplay
• 12 tracks (more in future versions)
• Global leaderboard

What next?
Current version contains the basic features only. During the beta stage we received a great amount of feedback from our users with MANY EXCITING IDEAS! Thanks to all of you! So we're not going to stop now. We're going to continue providing users with new tracks and features.
And as before, your feedback is still VERY IMPORTANT to us. Please feel free to email us.

This game is also known as Racetrack, Vector race, Formula 1.

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


Download Instructions - APK:

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