Pokemon Quiz - I generation v1.0

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Description: Quiz (trivia) is based on the popular game and anime series PoKéMoN. Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill knowledge gaps about the series, as well as provide much entertainment. Check your knowledge of PoKéMoN! For now quiz questions concern ONLY elements from first generation!

• Over 110 english language questions!
• Score depends on the time and number of correct answers - Who of your friends will earn the most points?
• Plenty of configuration options!
• Completely free!
• And much, much more...

How to play:
• In each game user answers 15 questions, but when the user selects a wrong answer loses. Response time for the question is limited and if time runs out user loses.

In case of finding any mistake in question or program we ask to send an e-mail with bug description to lqnstudio@gmail.com. Any comments, remarks or suggestion to improve our program are also welcomed.

This is an unofficial app. Not affiliated with Nintendo.

Android OS Requierements: 1.6+


Download Instructions - APK:

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