Swords v0.9.43

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Description: Battle your way to fame and glory in Swords! Control epic sword fights with easy swipe gestures while you battle enemies in a mysterious land. Earn free treasure, potions, and new, magic swords as you fight to stop an ancient threat returned. Swords is a fast fun game with incredible graphics that takes full advantage of your phone or tablet!

This new game is in beta, try it out! Our goal is 5 star quality, so if we're not there yet please send us feedback so we can improve :) Gold and silver are free in beta, enjoy the game!

Swords will test your skill in sword fighting as you move from simple swings to finding your opponent’s weaknesses, judging when to block an attack, selecting the right mystical sword for the battle at hand, and using special, fantastical moves to slay the enemy!

keywords: sword fighting, games, free, slash, swipe, adventure, battle, skeleton, gargoyle, RPG, magic, castle, new

Android OS Requierements: 2.3+


Download Instructions - APK:

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