TD Ninja birds Defense v1.0

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Description: A very interesting and addictive TD game @Ninja birds defense TD.
Ninja Birds successfully attacked the Zombies’ homeland
in the previous game “Assassin Ninja Chicken”.
They killed a few zombies, but the Zombie King has escaped.
Now the Zombie King is back for his revenge: he cast an evil spell on the forest river,
whoever drinks this water, turn into zombies.
Soon the Zombie King has an army of zombies approaching the Ninja Village.
The Ninja Village is easy to defence,
there are three natural fortresses: vine forest, ancient cave and icy valley.
The elderly Ninjas have noticed the crisis and organized a group of elite ninja birds to defence the village,
they are: Big Knife Ninja, Bow & Arrow Ninja, Lightning Ninja and Wizard Ninja.
The Great War is ON…
Let’s help Ninja Birds to defence their home!
The whole battlefield is your chessboard, position the line-up of Ninja Birds, mind your tactics and strategies, whatever you choose to play, the only aim is to defence the Ninja Village.
1. Epic battle stunts, really fascinating
2. Multiple defense choice, test your tactics and coordination
3. Free to setup the line-up, only imagination is your limit.
4. Beautiful and cute cartoon characters, keep your eyes glued.
5. Great innovation of game rules, special bomb is available if you lost your battle.
Big Knife Ninja: attack walking zombies, attack range is small.
Bow & Arrow Ninja: attack walking and flying zombies, attach range is big but strength is small.
Lightning Ninja: attack walking and flying zombies, attack and strength are balanced
Wizard Ninja: attack walking and flying zombies, also slow down enemies.

Join us in Ninja Birds
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Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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