Crazy Fairies v1.0.23

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Description: Multiplayer turn-based artillery game set in a twisted fairy tale universe. Connect with players across multiple web platforms and mobile devices to train and fight in real-time.
Our players say wonderful things about Crazy Fairies:
"Like multiplayer Worms with RPG elements."
"I LOVE this game!"
"Blows DDtank out of the water!"
"Wild Ones has met its match!"
This version of Crazy Fairies is BETA. That means it contains bugs, will misbehave on many devices and might crash frequently. The Beta phase is meant to help discover problems and polish the game to perfection, but to do that we need YOUR help. If you are NOT interested in being a Beta guinea pig please ignore the game for now and wait for the Final release, which should arrive mid-December 2012. If you ARE interested in helping to improve the game, then install and play the game. Your progress and purchases WILL carry over to the Final release. If you find problems or things you feel should be improved in the game, email us:

Android OS Requierements: 4.0+


Download Instructions - APK:

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