Universe Pandemic v1.4

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Description: New game Universe Pandemic! (Android exclusive)
A unique game in the genre, universe pandemic combines the classic arcade flash game Pandemic and adds a spin; multiple planets!
Use your puzzle breaking skills to upgrade your virus on the go, try to kill off the entire universe! (Including Earth). Each planet has it's own different challenge!
When you purchase this game you get ALL the content, no need for pesky in-app purchases anymore!
- 6 Unique planets, all with their own challenges.
- 33 Unique traits
- 13 Unique abilities
- Each area has it's own statistics.
- Speed-up and slow down buttons included.
- Score system to unlock more planets and impress your friends
- Game automatically saves so you can return later.
- Mutate your virus to radically change the game play type.
Coming soon
More planets, artificial planets, moving areas, increased tiers, more abilities, more customization & much much more!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


Download Instructions - APK:

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