Apocalypse Pluto v1.0

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Description: Guide Pluto through the solar system as he takes revenge on the planets. Avoid incoming enemies like Iron Rocks and Ice Meteors, while collecting Space Diamond to increase your score. Bash your way through to the sun and earn a place in galactic history!
Touch - Move Pluto towards your finger
Pluto will gravitate towards your finger while you are pressing on the screen, help him dodge meteors and collect space diamonds on his path of revenge.
One day, all the planets got together and decreed that Pluto was too immature and silly to be
considered a planet. He was thrown out of the Planet Club Society and sent to the Kuiper Belt with
all the other silly asteroids.
Enraged, Pluto decided that if they're going to treat him like an asteroid, then maybe he should act like one.
If Pluto can't be a planet, then no one can!

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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