ARKEON 1.0.6

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Description: Your goal?
Destroy your opponent to prove your supremacy.
Your weapons?
Basic units and advanced units.
In Arkeon, all players start the game with the same weapons, there is no room for chance.
Be the best strategist or be destroyed. To win, one of your offensive units needs to attack the enemy base. But beware of hasty offensive because if you cut your enemy base you will lose all your units isolated.
Upgrade your basic units to sow confusion in the enemy strategy and get you out of a tight spot.
Then downgrade these units and redeploy them to a new strategic location.
If you like chess, checkers, and abstract games, Arkeon offers you a new challenge.
- One player mode.
- Challenge your friends in the mode "two players".
- Easy to understand but difficult to master.
- Accessible to everyone
- The future of chess
If, like us, you love abstract games like chess, checkers, Hex, abalone, Go, Reversi, Othello, Quarto or strategy games like Super Neuroshima Hex Arkeon download immediately!

Android OS Requierements: 2.3.3+


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