BlackBerry 10 UCCW v1.0

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Description: Get the new BlackBerry 10 os look on your android phone! (based on the hands-on video's of RIM's new os). The theme is mostly transparent so you can still use your own backgrounds.
Three pages including the blackberry dock and status bar.
One page with 4 interactive favorites
One page with blackberry style icons
Installation instructions (or watch video)
1. Download UCCW and Nova launcher for free from the app store
2. Set Nova grid to 7x4, margin width to none, height to small, disable dock and notifaction bar
3. Add widgets to homescreen*
4. Enable hotspot mode in UCCW and add Weather location in UCCW
*if they don't appear in the list, read troubleshooting or email me, don't leave comments I can't reply to. Thanks :)
If the theme doesn't show up in the Skin list (JellyBean), do the following:
-Open Titanium backup and backup the skin (without uninstalling it) and restore it
Non-rooted devices do the following:
-(Download) and open Shark AppManager (free)
-Search for the skin, backup and restore
Still doesn't work? Email me
BlackBerry 10 is a trademark of RIM Corp. and isn't affiliated with this theme.
Theme will be updated according to new features available for UCCW.
Email me for custom hotspots and icons.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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