Cutting Edge Arena v1.0.1

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Description: Cutting Edge Arena is an action multiplayer game, with legendary warriors taking souls of their enemies during a never-ending war.
It gives you an opportunity to play with other players around the world on several arenas.
Fight them using swords, hammers, daggers, sticks and many more.
Create your own account, earn Soulen Coins and experience. Buy new equipment to defeat your enemies faster.
We also provide a global ranking system. Become the best warrior in the world!
The game uses a Wi-Fi connection for online gameplay. You can also play offline with AI opponents through "Bot Game".
You may also need to enable Universal Plug&Play on your router in order to host online games.
FULL VERSION Game features: (Just few of them are available in this version, buy a Full Version to unlock all features)
- 9 playable characters
- 27 weapons
- 2 different arenas ( 4 in full version )
- 5 power-up skills
- 9 character upgrades
- offline bot game mode
- game awards system ( in full version )
- global ranking system ( in full version )
- player accounts system ( in full version )
- You are not able to create your own account
- You can log in as a guest only (temporary account)
- Only two maps are available in this version

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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