Farmaggedon 3D v3.7

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Description: Armageddon has come to the farm! Wolves, mountain lions, and bears have invaded and it's your job to defend the farm at all costs. Who said pigs can't fly? They can when they have a helicopter suit. Hovering above the farm it is up to you and your arsenal to eliminate the opposing threat. This is your mission, and remember your farm animal friends are counting on you.
★ Weapons include gatling guns, rockets, and a sniper rifle
★ Circle from above and pick off attacking wolves, mountain lions and bears
★ Upgrade your gear and weapons using points you earn in game
★ Enemies come in waves (Track your high score)
★ Continuous progressive gameplay until your farm is compromised
Keywords: killer, 2, farm, zombie, frenzy, mania, lot, stupid, pig, vs, gunship, rush, shot, plant, contract, parking, highway

Android OS Requierements: 2.0.1+


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