Galaxy S4 theme (UCCW) v1.0

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Description: • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you have any questions or the theme doesn't seem to be working, e-mail me! (see mail developer option at the bottom)
• VIDEO TUTORIAL: Next to the screenshots there is a video tutorial which shows how to install the theme step by step. Make sure you read the requirements down below.
Team Infinity Design brings you a pre-release Galaxy S4 theme! While many are still waiting for Samsung to show the next Galaxy flagship in March 2013, this theme will change your phone's homescreen into what I hope to see. As the TouchWiz/Nature UX is not considered the "best looking" interface, I hope Samsung will bring us something new! This theme is a "vision" of what the GS4 might look like. Are you impatiently waiting for Samsung's next flagship? This theme will help you pass the time!
★ Features
5 x (4x1) top widget
3 x (4x2) App widgets
1 x (4x2) Calendar widget
1 x (4x2) Weather widget
1 x (4x1) Notifications widget
2 x (4x1) Dock (blue & white)
6 x WALLPAPERS here:
1. This Galaxy S4 theme.
2. Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW):
3. Nova/Apex Launcher.
1. Instal the Galaxy S4 theme
2. Search the market for "UCCW". Download the free app UCCW (from VasuDev)
3. Make sure you have Nova/Apex launcher installed
4. Setup your launcher with the settings I use (see video or NOVA SETUP below)
5. Start adding UCCW widgets with the GS4 skins to your homescreen and setup the theme like you want it.
FUTURE UPDATE: As soon as the first official images of the GS4 interface are shown, I will update this theme with another set of widgets which will make your device look exactly like the official GS4.
=====EXTRA INFO=====
★ Hotspots
• Hotspots mode can be enabled/disabled in UCCW>menu button>Hotspots Mode.
• Hotspots mode OFF: editing mode
You can now press on the widgets and you will be taken into an "editing" screen. Here, you can link your own apps to each "clickable area". See the video tutorial about editable hotspots (link in the changelog)
• Hotspots mode ON: active mode
Everything is now active, pressing on the widgets will take you to your apps.
• Desktop
Desktop grid: 7x4
Width margin: none
Height margin: small
• Dock
Disable the Dock
• Look and Feel
Disable the Notification bar
• To set your location for the temperature, go into UCCW>Settings and set your location.
• To use Fahrenheit, go into UCCW>settings and un-check Celcius.
Enjoy your awesome new Galaxy S4 theme :)

Beware Android 4.1 users:
Due to some problems with the Playstore and Android 4.1, some users might not see the GS4 skins when adding UCCW widgets. For users that have root access, use Titanium Backup to backup and restore the app. That will fix this problem. If you don't have root, email me so I can send you a fix.
This theme is not affiliated with the Galaxy S devices or Samsung Electronics.
Theme will be updated according to new features available for UCCW. I will keep improving this theme and update this app. Updates will always be free! For custom widgets/icon's, e-mail me.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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