Goal Defense v1.0.5

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Description: "Players from all manner of sports are represented here, from baseball to boxing, and beyond, and each one (as well as their upgraded versions) displays their own unique personality." - 148apps.com
"One of the major differences of Goal Defense compared to most other tower defense games is that even though each wave has a predetermined route, the AI will adjust its attack approach based on your defense positions." - AppAdvice.com
".. it would also make an ideal my-first-strategy-game thanks to its quirky atmosphere and plentiful character." - KnowYourMobile.com
"Goal Defense‘s (universal) combination of goofy, charming visuals and rock solid tower defense gameplay make it another quality title in the genre." - Apptudes.com
Train a team of underdog heroes in this hilarious, fun and action-packed game. Logic, tactics and strategy must overcome brawn as you protect the coveted Golden Bowl trophy from an onslaught of muscle-bound jocks!
A game of action and dynamic excitement!
* 40 challenging levels of tactics, strategy, skill and speed.
* A unique sports game with a genre twist
* Hilarious characters, animated in the spirit of old-school comic books.
* Two teams of sportsmen from different sports: football, baseball, rugby, box, etc.
* Earn ‘use and confuse’ bonuses.
* Heroic superpowers available upon request.
* Outwit your enemies’ empty skulls.
* Genuine, real-time audience reactions.
* Stunningly detailed and artistic scenery.
* Check for updates -- more features to follow!
* Tablet support

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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