LevitOn Speed Racing HD v1.12

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Description: Optimized for Tegra, Adreno, Power VR, GPU's
The LevitOn Racers HD for Android is a thrilling, exciting and challenging game app from BeltraWay. LevitOn racers features 14 hard core opponents and the velocity is fast and furious. Ride your ship over the boost arrows to get a huge surge of speed and fly past other menacing opponents. The start up screen features several customization options to make your gaming experience truly unique. Players have the option to change the graphics, alter the controls between touch and tilt, view the current high scores and view the credits for this awesome high velocity game. When starting a new race players have the option to select different modes including a time trial mode, GP race or play in practice mode.
No matter what the selection LevitOn Racers provides a high speed and extremely thrilling racing experience. Players can select different ships with each having different strength and weaknesses. The better and more expensive the ship the faster and more controlled it will be. Players have to build up credits by racing in and winning races which allows them to purchase the higher quality ships.
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action, racing, future, apocalypse, rockets, high speed, arcade, car, war, fast, turbo, nitro, F-Zero, wipeout, gravity, Tegra, Adreno, Power VR

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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