Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 - multiplayer realms

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So everyone is waiting patiently for the upcoming 0.7.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition to arrive because of one main feature that will come with this update: true multiplayer. This feature has been requested numerous time by almost everyone who plays this game and now we are finally going to be getting it. Of course if you missed our last article about the 0.7.0 update then you missed some important information regarding the upcoming multiplayer features.

Initially all servers will be hosted through Mojang and anyone wanting to run their own server will have to pay Mojang a monthly fee. Administrators will have commands available through a custom GUI in-game instead of having to memorize actual commands to type. Multiplayer servers will be accessible through Wifi at first with 3G/4G connectivity coming in a future update. Also the initial roll out of multiplayer will feature a few servers as a bit of a soft beta launch. After everything is tested, multiplayer will fully  launch in another update a couple of weeks after the beta launch.

As for actually accessing a server, players will have to be whitelisted regardless of what server they are trying to connect to. Each server will have their own whitelist that players will need to apply to get on. If you're not on a whitelist, that server won't show up on the server list in-game. You do not need a Minecraft PC account to be able to play on Minecraft: Pocket Edition servers but if you do have one, that name will appear when you log into servers. There will be nameplates as well and most likely skins will be available also.

So that is a somewhat quick rundown of what we know will be arriving with multiplayer for Minecraft: Pocket Edition when the 0.7.0 update is released. Johan Bernhardsson posted today on Twitter a quick look at what the realms list will probably look like, which you can see in the image above. As you can see in the image, the admin's name will be there as well as what type of server each one is. It looks like each server will also have 'details' that we can look at before joining.

It looks like multiplayer is coming along nicely for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the 0.7.0 update is slated for release sometime in April 2013. We still don't know a few things regarding multiplayer yet such as whether or not there will be infinitely rendered worlds finally, if caves will be included and other content we all want. As more information comes to light, we will be sure to post an update

source: droidgamers.com

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{ Artisan } at: 4/16/2013 2:42 AM said...

The whole whitelist ordeal is complete bs beyond any thing ive seen since the beginning of minecraft PE and pc. You should be able to join a server without all that.

{ Cordarius Miller } at: 4/20/2013 1:36 AM said...

Awesome I guess the wait is kind of over

{ Cordarius Miller } at: 4/20/2013 1:41 AM said...

Awesome I guess the wait is kind of over

{ AKMAL HASHMI } at: 10/13/2014 2:51 PM said...

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