Monsterzzz v1.0.2

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Description: “Awesome. Gorgeous. Perfect.” - Tim, game designer (5/5)
“I still hear them scream at nights.” - Eugene, lead developer (4/5)
“That’s the game I’ve been waiting for!” - Alex, executive producer (5/5)
Have you ever been in a dream? What you see is not always what it looks like, right? The dream’s fabric is made of light and shadow, and you will be it’s weaver. Your task is to change the very dream’s space and guide the nightlight through it to the socket, cleaning the dream from its monsters. This task is a difficult one, as the logic you’re familiar with from your life is no use in a dream’s reality.
This game will take you to another dimension of logic games. You won’t get it the first time, and even the second. But as we guide you through this beautiful strange world, you will begin to understand that you’ve mistaken odd with hard. You will often find yourself in a situation where the solution, that seemed impossible just a moment ago, was right before your eyes. But as soon as you catch on the rules, every hardworking cell of your brain will scream with joy, celebrating each new victory.
The objectives are simple: you need to move the nightlight into a slot. It doesn’t move on it’s own, so you have to push, pull, lift, drop and catch it with the level blocks. There are two types of blocks: light and dark. Blocks of the same color stick together, creating figures that you move around. There is no “empty” space at all: when you touch the dark block, imagine that the light blocks are the “empty space”, and vice versa - when you’re moving a light block, the black blocks act as that space. Seems hard? Well then don’t read this wall of text, go install the game - it may be easier and most surely funnier than you think.
Takes a non-standard way of thinking!
Keep away from stupid!
Can cause severe impatience!
5 monsters worlds
100 mindblowing levels with multiple solutions
Beautiful backgrounds
Charming nightlight
Non-linear thinking
Puzzle made fun with abilities
It really is easier than it seems, and here are some tips to help you till you get it:
The goal is to put the nightlight into a slot.
You can’t move the nightlight directly. You can push, pull and lift it with the blocks.
You earn a star for each killed monster.
Monsters are killed when the nightlight passes close by.
You can move a block around when it is surrounded with blocks of a different color.
You can’t move a block if the wall is on the way.
You can split a block with another block of a different color.
Two blocks of the same color stick together, forming one block
Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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