Naked King 2 v1.0.0

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Description: Go fight against Oak and save a kidnapped princess!!
A few days before wedding, a wicked Oak King kidnapped lovely princess. You need to be a prince to save her. Don’t you want to save the princess and see their happy marriage?

▶ 30 UNITS!
- Select and bring appropriate unit on each stage.

▶ 3 Steps to evolve! 90 Skill tree!
- Experience evolution and enjoy large number of skill tree.

- Improve the unit and equipment using engineering system.

- Choose equipment and upgrade them.

▶ 180 STAGES!
- 100 stages to play and last 3 dungeons with 30 stages, where the final bosses are waiting for you!
- We are adding 1 dungeon with 10 stages every week up to 180 Stages!

- Produce servants to secure food
- Produce units to fight
- Destroy enemy’s castle while defend our castle.
- Earn new unit when clearing each stage,
- Upgrade units.

- Each unit has different features. Some units show high ability in long distance attack while others show great defense ability.
- Hero unit is very strong but requires longer time with higher costs.
- Upgrade your castle to increase productivity and defense power.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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