Postman Adventures v1.8

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Description: Postman Adventures is a brilliant game about cute little town, where parcels are delivered with a Postal Catapult!

Throw boxes over houses and trees, collect rockets to jump high, use trampolines and rainy clouds,
portal manholes, black holes, broken fire hydrants, crazy fans, and Bakeries use them all to do your one true job -
deliver parcel to it's destination and try to collect all 3 stars on the way!
Overcome challenges using all things around and make nature work for you!

Postman Adventures features challenging physics-based game play and hours of replay value.
Each level is different and requires you to figure out the way using logic and intuition!

- Realistic Physics
- 100 completely different Levels to start with!
- 2 Episodes!
- A different grades of challenge for every level.
- Mindbogglingly beautiful cute graphics and soundtrack!

Grown up person, teenager or child - everyone will find this incredibly fun and addicting!

If you have questions, suggestions or just what to say hello, we're happy to hear!

What's in this version:
Level 17 of Episode 1 made easier!

Android OS Requierements: 1.6+


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