Tales of the World: Tactics Union v1.01

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Description: Full-scale simulation RPG "Tales of" series appeared smartphone!■ What is included in the terminal [recommended] is a model before your purchase, please check [Always].※ appear that you press the "More" page in our list of recommended terminal.For non-recommended terminal, it will be covered by the warranty even if the "Buy" button is displayed,Please note that you will be excluded from the refund and your support.

◆ ◆ ◆ A new battle and story unfolded by successive series characters who! ◆ ◆ ◆~
~ There are places to visit everyone without knowing"Revu~aria" shape the world dream of many of the inhabitants of the world will gather"Rufuresu family" living is the incarnation of stagnation dark heart of the nightmare and there Hito-jinBy purifying the "Vuru" had been balanced in the world.More recently, Vuru that did not form until it has become so materialized as monsters, however.You can compete with Vuru that manifestation is, we only Rufuresu called "(mol dream) Mamoru dreams".One day, I disappeared all at once but we also observe that dream.We do not have the power still young Rufuresu left are, from the side of the world is awakeTry can compete Vuru was materialized, the summoning of the "awakening people to dream," those who force there.

◆ ◆ ◆ achieve the style of play at a party full of adult number that is not possible with the strategic RPG! ◆ ◆ ◆

Ayatsureru freely their distinctive character - unique intuitive touch screen operation! ~[Basic Operation]Tap a destination: moveTap Tap the attack after destination, are in attack range attacks:Surgical technique: After tapping the "Arts" icon and select the art technique to use, tap the target characterOver Limits: Limits over while the gauge was full, tap the gaugeSurgical technique selected from the list in the state over Limits: mystery 秘[Favorability rating system]Favorability is up by or to the same sortie to map specific character and act together.With increasing favorability rating, to enjoy events favorability rating among skit character occurs orSpecial skills and "cooperation" and "protect" is invoked.[Tips] gameplayAre partners will increase and advance the story! And get a lot of fellow!• If advance the story, you can level up in the area has been cleared once. Bring up a favorite character!· Let's make the party consider attacking role, role shield, and recovery role, the balance!· To understand the capabilities and characteristics of each character, so you can increase the width of the strategy!Aimed at the large-attribute damage on the enemy weakness! Pay attention also to the attributes of the technique that can be used!Level up in the fragments of memory that came into my hands after the battle! Collect the pieces of rare, strong operative technique and skills will remember!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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