TRex Hunt v1.3

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Description: From the very beginning, man has been a hunter. Now, you are about to become the hunted! Battle your way through hungry dinosaurs like raptors, pterodactyls, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex and more.
Kill or be eaten while using clubs, rocks, spears and bows. Use fire-tipped or broad head arrows on the greatest predators ever to stalk the earth. As you progress, you can purchase more and deadlier weapons.
But this is no simple hunt. Boltar, an evil caveman, has kidnapped your mate and a rescue must be mounted. Between you and the island where she is being held are many flesh eating dinosaurs, waiting to feast on your body, not to mention traps laid by Boltar.
Immersive 3D graphics
Explore an entire island in every direction
Upgrade your weapons as you progress
Use healing herbs to restore your health
In the real world, of course, prehistoric man and dinosaurs did not exist at the same time; they were separated by tens of millions of years. In TRex Hunt, however, the two are thrust together in a battle for survival. If your primitive weaponry skills can overcome the raw strength of the many tyrannosaurs you encounter, you will live another day.
Watch real gameplay action on Youtube if you dare:
TRex Hunt was created from the chronicles of Tim Wells, the world’s greatest primitive weapons hunter. Learn more about him and enter to win cash and prizes at
What our downloaders are saying:
Jason W - Love this app! – “Not a usual gamer but if they were all like this I would be!!! Great graphics and very addictive.”
Zach Pritchard - Game was awesome! – “The game has the best graphics out of any app I have played! Game play was fast with no glitches or ads. The weapons are awesome!”
Bob Ackerman – Fun game! – “Really fun. Some of the best graphics you can find in the app store. You get to go back in time and feel like a real caveman!”
Cody Smith – AWESOME!!!! - “Trex hunter is great! Its real life graphics and quality image makes it seems like you’re drawing the bow back yourself and launching a rage at those prehistoric beast that are after you! Download now!”
Please email us directly if you have any questions/concerns/feedback about the game
Supported Resolutions: 800x480,854x480,960x540,1024x600,1280x720,1280x800

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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