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Description: Some day it was! Through flying smoke
Set out in swarms many a French bloke,
And e'er for our redoubt.
The lancers in their motley guise,
Dragoons with horse-tails with loud cries –
They all would flash before our eyes,
They all were near about.
You 're never to behold such fights!..
The banners would fly by like sprites,
In smoke would glimmer fire,
The blade would sound, the grape would shriek,
The fighters' hand to thrust grow weak,
And muzzles have no space to seek
O'er bloody heaps e'er higher.
The foe that day had many ways
To feel what daring combat weighs,
Our Russian hand-to-hand!..
As did our chests – earth's hollows trembled;
The steeds, the men all disassembled,
And cannon volleys' sound resembled
A moaning o'er the land...
                       (M.Y. Lermontov "Borodino" excerpt)
Game is devoted to Patriotic war 1812.Last year was the 200-year anniversary of times, when Russian nation had to defend one's freedom and independence, with great efforts and losses.
In our game you operate the gunner whom it is made big responsible. You will participate in many well-known battles: Smolensk, Valutino, Borodino, Maloyaroslavets and others. You will pass all way of the Russian army: At first retreat in depth of the country, and then victorious exile of Napoleon's army.
  At game are present:
  System of upgrade;
  8 types of guns with their features;
  15 different maps;
  7 types of enemies with their features and skills;
  More than 30 achievements;
  2 Bosses;
  History mode;
  Infinity arcade mode;
  Hardcore mode which open after passing stories;
...and much more

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+

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