Battle Orb v1.0.0

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Description: Roll. Transform. Blast everything in sight!
Battle Orb is an action-packed FREE cosmic shooter that will take you across the Solar System on a quest to reach Earth. Transform back and forth between a highly mobile spherical form and ponderous death-dealing engine of destruction!
The twilight of humankind?
A long-lost TransMecha Assault & Infiltration Drone (TM-AID) unit has just returned to the Solar System after centuries of absence. Upon reaching trans-Neptunian space, TM-AID activates its communications protocols but is unable to locate a response; neither sentient intelligence nor automated systems greet the lost machine.
Although its sensors detect no signs of life, TM-AID locates several anomalous energy signatures coming from derelict space stations. After initiating a successful weapons check, the ancient drone plots an intersect course with the nearest station to begin investigating this eerie, dead system.
- Fight your way through 20 edge-of-your-seat missions, each with 5 adrenaline-pumping levels!
- Take on 9 different types of combat droids, each with special abilities and vulnerabilities
- Navigate derelict space stations as a nimble mecha-sphere
- Transform into a mecha-aggressor to blast enemies into superheated slag
- Choose from dozens of upgradeable weapons including automatic guns, beam weapons, large-caliber cannons and missile launchers
-Operate TM-AID using virtual joystick, touch screen, or accelerometer for the most satisfying mechanized mayhem driving gaming experience
Lose yourself in this trigger-happy, “blast first, ask questions later” FREE sci-fi shooter! Get Battle Orb now!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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