Cell Planet HD Edition v1.00

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Description: Both classic and unique elements of the Tower Defense genre are combined in Cell Planet. While your enemies are attacking your organism, you can not only shoot them with blazing projectiles from your main tower, but also build leukocytes on platforms to obstruct them, and use various skills to destroy the threat. Cell Planet HD Edition is optimized for tablets and large screens. Free version is also available!
# *HD Edition* All textures used are made for 1280x720 screen resolution or higher
# *HD Edition* No ads
# Touch or slide the screen to shoot incoming bacterias with blazing projectiles
# Build leukocytes, each with unique abilities, to hold your enemies back
# Drag and drop skills to damage or immobilize the bacterias, or even heal yourself
# Touch or slide the screen to collect resources for skills and leukocytes
# Construct a moat to obstruct your enemies before they can reach the wall
# Upgrade all skills, leukocytes, main tower, moat, and cell wall to increase their efficiency
# Conquer more and more stages - through muscle cells, lung, bone, skin cells, and neurons
# Different bacterias require different strategies, depending on their special abilities like quickness, toughness, immunity to slow, hovering, ranged attack, division, and more
Download today to decontaminate bacterias and stop the invasion on your Android device!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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