Deadly Association HD (full) v1.001

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Description: Behind every big success is a terrible secret.
Nancy Boyle, a young woman without a criminal past has been found dead—half-naked—near her home in Brooklyn.
The forensic police inspectors Chloé and Paul are on the case. There's a big surprise in store for them.
This case is full of developments that keep Chloé Cunningham and Paul Baxter on their toes. You'll need to use your investigation skills and attention to detail in this investigation.
Use your expert criminology equipment to shed light on the mystery of these repeated murders, reveal clues lurking in the shadows, and most importantly—track down your target—the truth.
Every room, place, and protagonist is key to the case. If you want to have any hope of piecing together this puzzle—which is not looking easy at all—pay attention to these clues.
The twist and turns of this investigation abound in riddles and hidden objects.
★★★★★ Key Points ★★★★★
✔ Animated settings and production
✔ A gripping investigation
✔ New characters
✔ An original thriller script
✔ Easy and simple Gameplay
✔ Interactive inventory
✔ Nice Hidden Object Game
✔ Several mini games Puzzles, Match 3,...

Android OS Requierements: 2.3.3+


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