Occupation Donation v1.19

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Description: First and Third Person Shooter with some elements of GTA, Left 4 Dead, DayZ.
Stop zombie invasion and save your girl from zombie's hands!
NOTE: This is a demo, the game still in development. Please don't rate it if you get those troubles:
1. I can't download the file: Some mobile operators set their limits to max file size.The game has no relation to this.
2. I can't run the game or the game exits after start: It might not run on some devices with 512 Mb RAM or less! I'm working on optimization!

• No ads or paid content here.

• 9 different types of zombies and monsters

• Day/Night cycle to make a more immersive game

• Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombie apocalypse

• Open 3D World to explore

• Auto-aim for new players and manual aim for players that want a harder game!

• First and Third Person perspective can be used to make both FPS and TPS fans happy!

• Constant updates with improvements! Adding content to Donate version.

If you have a fast device - try to turn the sun, moon and shadows on - they are disabled by default.

Android OS Requierements: 2.0.1+


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