Super Kiwi Castle Run v0.3.0

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Description: "Fruit that can run? Yup, and it's excellent fun too. Super Kiwi Castle Run offers plenty to keep the player coming back for more."
"What you are about to see is so great that even Popeye is toying with the idea of abandoning spinach for kiwi. [...] Super Kiwi Castle Run’s simplicity is a beauty on its own."


Hear ye, hear ye, good people of the realm: Super Kiwi Castle Run is the ultimate medieval adventure game!
Welcome to the knightly adventure Super Kiwi Castle Run! Before embarking on your quest, make sure you’re mentally and physically prepared to go the distance. Run as far and for as long as you can, overcoming the various miscreants (guards, witches and dragons, etc) that get in your way. Touch your screen to jump, then let go to land and avoid these villains.
Throughout your adventure, unlock heroes each with their own special ability and choose your favorite to play with. The Knight has the power to jump, while the Wizard flies and the Archer glides through the air. Explore all the corners of the castle, from the drawbridge to the castle tower, passing through the dungeons. Take a trip to the Shoppe to procure potions and boosts, or restyle your hero with a change of costume.
Last but not least, don’t be selfish… share this quest with your friends by using Facebook connect. Your reward will be even greater if you invite them to help you accomplish joint challenges in the castle tower. If you want to be the bravest of all, participate in the weekly tournaments and see where you rank in comparison to your comrades and the rest of the world!

Ready to become a Super Kiwi? It’s this way!


In Super Kiwi: Castle Run, there’s also:
★ funny, colorful graphics
★ intuitive controls (one touch gameplay)
★ 3 different heroes (knight, wizard, archer)
★ leveling up to improve your score
★ boosts, potions and costumes (ninja, dark armor, wizard's hat)
★ villains, traps and obstacles (dragons, guards, witches)
★ more than 200 solo missions
★ more than 30 co-op missions to complete with your friends
★ Facebook connect to challenge your friends and receive gifts

Android OS Requierements: 2.3+


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