The Time Trap v1.0

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Description: This is a numbers puzzle game with a difference!
In ordinary crossword puzzle you need to guess the words and
place them horizontally or vertically to appropriate cells within
the game field. Of course, each pair of crossing horizontal and
vertical words must have the same letter in the cell of intersection.
Unlike the crossword puzzle, the game uses numbers in place of words.
More then that, all numbers, that need to be placed on the game field,
are known in advance. However, you don't know the cells within the
game field, to which each number should be placed. As in crossword,
you can place numbers both horizontally and vertically, and each crossing
pair of numbers must have the same digit in the cell of their intersection.
Remember, that the objective of the game is to fill in the game field
from the offered set of numbers.
Don't be surprised, if after filling in all of the free cells you still
have unused numbers. They are check numbers. If the game field was filled
correctly, you may find them in one of the columns or rows of the game
field. After this you will need to place them in the appropriate position.
You need to place ALL rows to finish the level!
The game has 30 puzzles with different levels of difficulty.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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