Guide #3: How to remove apps from the Google Play Store ‘My Apps’ list?

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Is your Google Play Store “My Apps” section filled with too many spur of the moment apps that you will never download ever again? This can make it a royal pain finding those previously downloaded apps that you actually care about. Thankfully Google made it really easy to remove those unwanted apps which will make things a lot more manageable.

The process is pretty painless, but may take some time depending on how many apps you have in the list. I was able to get rid of 429 unused apps in about 15 minutes and my list of apps looks a heck of a lot cleaner now. So without hesitation hit the break below to check out our quick guide to cleaning up your previous Play Store acquisitions.

1 – Open up the Play Store.

2 – Be it on screen or physical button hit the Menu button and go to My apps.


3 – Swipe over to the right and go from INSTALLED to ALL.


4 – Here’s the kicker: Press and hold onto an app listed. It will highlight that app and you will see a checkmark at the top left along with “1 selected” and an “X” at the top right.

5 – Start tapping the apps that you want gone and number of selected apps will go up. Note: You won’t be able to select any apps that are currently installed.


6 – Once you have selected all the apps that you want deleted, hit the X in the top right corner, and tap OK to remove all of them.

You can also remove apps one by one by tapping the “X” that is to the right of every app listed (or circle with a line through it in older versions of the Play Store), but it’s not as efficient since you have to tap OK again for each app you want to remove.

While it may not be as simple as having a purchased apps tab, it will at least gives us a chance to clean those purchased and free apps up a bit. Maybe someday we’ll get that purchased tab back, but until then this may just be the next best thing.

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