Boulder Dash ®-The Collection™ v1.4.6

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Description: Every week a new cave! Check new 2013 caves and rate them.
NOTE: Only 1 cave pack is included with this purchase. The 4 additional cave packs must each be purchased separately from within the app itself. If you wish to buy all 5 cave packs at once, with a discount, instead, please look for "Boulder Dash-The FULL Collection" version on Google Play. As a bonus new 2013 caves are available for free.
NOTE ABOUT NOTIFICATIONS: With recent versions of Boulder Dash The Collection there is a new feature which will notify you when new cave is ready to be downloaded from server and played. If you are crumbled with notifications you can turn them OFF by going to phone Settings -> Applications Manager -> Boulder Dash The Collection and uncheck "Show notifications" check box.
The ultimate action-puzzle game, your challenge is to collect the required number of diamonds in each cave before time runs out in order to open the exit all while avoiding falling boulders and enemies! Leave through the exit in time and you’ll advance to the next cave.
The very first Boulder Dash® app ever for Android is a collection of 6 Boulder Dash® games, 4 sold as in-app purchases, including the well know, much loved, multimillion-unit selling original game from 1984. All 6 cave packs ARE available! Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese & Korean.
ALERT! You can check compatibility for your device, before you buy, here: If you experience any issues please let us know on above link and if possible submit a crash report to Google Play.
● 5 cave packs including original retro graphics
● Additional free caves released during February 2013 - every day a new cave
● Secret bonus caves
● Classic & Zen Modes:
● All of the Classic Boulder Dash® Creatures & Features
● New Power-Ups & Tools
● 3 User-Configured Controls
● Play in Portrait or Landscape
● Use ‘Pause & Explore’ to plan your next move
● Multi-Touch, variable Zoom
● Online Leaderboards and Achievements on OpenFeint
● XPERIA PLAY Optimized
● Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese & Korean.
● App Quality Alliance (AQuA) quality level to "AQuA Member-Verified" which is the highest quality level possible.

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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