Jets Aliens Missiles v1.0.0

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Description: A human colony is under attack by a relentless alien force. Take to the skies and defend the colony in the most advanced fighter vehicles equipped with powerful weapons and modules.
Jets Aliens Missiles (JAM) is a shoot-em-up featuring Campaign and Survival stages, vehicles, multiple weapons, upgrades, and a variety of enemy aliens and giant bosses.
This is the full game featuring:
• Slick hand-drawn art with 3D graphics and sweet particle effects running at a super smooth 60 FPS.
• Simple relative touch controls with engaging old-school game play.
• 5 Campaign stages, 3 Difficulty settings, and ranking system for high re-playability.
• Unlimited Survival stage.
• 2 vehicles to choose from such as the Merc-450, a futuristic Jet fighter, and the beautiful but deadly helicopter, the HellCat.
• Multiple weapon types like Homing Missiles, armour-slicing Laser, a Flamethrower, Shockwave, and many more.
* Customize your fighter vehicles with paint.
• Lots of enemy types: tricky Warpers, armoured Barfers, the weird alien-squid thing, and many more.
• Gigantic alien bosses like the fire-breathing Dragonus, or the insidious Chegg the Egg.
• Lots of Achievements to unlock.
• No in-app purchases!

Android OS Requierements: 2.3.3+


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