Blitz Brigade by Gameloft, Valve's Team Fortress 2 on Android?

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So one of the games on that 'list' of titles coming from Gameloft this year is a game called Blitz Brigade. This is their take on the Team Fortress 2 / Battlefield Heroes games and features similar visuals found in Team Fortress 2. This title has a lot of potential to be quite good as long as it is balanced well.
Essentially this is a multiplayer game where players can choose different classes to play as before heading into a match with other people. There are different types of matches, most of which are probably the standard FPS multiplayer type of games like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.

Unfortunately there still isn't a whole lot of details regarding Blitz Brigade but if you've played either Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes then you will probably feel right at home with this game. As for when it will land on Google Play, no exact release date has been announced yet but it can't be too far off now.


Call of Mini: Brawlers v1.1

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Description: it’s a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK and the only cure is some good old-fashioned HEAD BUSTING!
A radiation leak at a nuclear power plant has the locals acting strange, eating brains and suchlike. You’re not the type to believe in stories about zombies, but you’re not gonna let some shambling freak snack on your brain, either! Grab a gun (or chainsaw or rocket launcher) and take back what’s left of your town!
✓ Loads of weapons
✓ Awesome 3D graphics
✓ Frantic zombie-blasting action
✓ 5 playable characters
✓ All kinds of zombie baddies
✓ Infinite stages
✓ Tons of challenges
✓ Upgradable weapons
✓ Game Center achievements and leaderboards

Android OS Requierements: 2.0.1+


Download Instructions - APK:

TRex Hunt v1.2

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Description: From the very beginning, man has been a hunter.
Unfortunately you the hunter are about to become the hunted. Human Lunch!!
TRex Hunt was created from the chronicles of Tim Wells, the world’s greatest primitive weapons hunter. Kill or be eaten while using clubs, rocks, spears or bows. Use fire-tipped arrows on the world’s greatest predators that have ever stalked the earth.
Jurassic like 3D graphics. Hi resolution fluid fast game play.
Your goal is to reach level 5. Battle your way through hungry dinosaurs like raptors, pterodactyls, TRex and more. You must then kill the evil cave man who has stolen your cave woman.  He will use traps and various strategies to kill you.
Millions will hunt these vicious beasts, most will die trying. Kill your way to victory, which is unlikely, then enter to win cash and prizes.
Your nightmare is waiting!
TRex Hunt.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


Download Instructions - APK:

NFL Quarterback 13 v1.0.2

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Description: BE THE QUARTERBACK! The #1 sports game returns to the field for 2013 with explosive new content in the only Official NFL QB game.
You are the Quarterback. You call the shots! Your receivers power off the line. Who are you passing to? Where’s the D? Who’s in coverage? In a split second, aim, lead your receiver and THROW!

Can you handle the pressure of being the most important player on the team?

The most precise, yet easy to use controls ever seen in a football game. Giving you ultimate power with Full Fat’s unique and award winning flick and after-touch controls, developed by the same team that brought you Flick Golf, Agent Dash and NFL Kicker.

★ Multiple Receivers
★ Tackling on Receivers and QB
★ All new uniforms and equipment
★ Realistic receiver routes
★ Weather effects
★ Upgrade your stadium
★ Compete with Facebook friends
★ Super high resolution graphics
★ All 32 official NFL teams








Android OS Requierements: 2.3+


Download Instructions - APK:

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