Monsterzzz v1.0.2

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Description: “Awesome. Gorgeous. Perfect.” - Tim, game designer (5/5)
“I still hear them scream at nights.” - Eugene, lead developer (4/5)
“That’s the game I’ve been waiting for!” - Alex, executive producer (5/5)
Have you ever been in a dream? What you see is not always what it looks like, right? The dream’s fabric is made of light and shadow, and you will be it’s weaver. Your task is to change the very dream’s space and guide the nightlight through it to the socket, cleaning the dream from its monsters. This task is a difficult one, as the logic you’re familiar with from your life is no use in a dream’s reality.
This game will take you to another dimension of logic games. You won’t get it the first time, and even the second. But as we guide you through this beautiful strange world, you will begin to understand that you’ve mistaken odd with hard. You will often find yourself in a situation where the solution, that seemed impossible just a moment ago, was right before your eyes. But as soon as you catch on the rules, every hardworking cell of your brain will scream with joy, celebrating each new victory.
The objectives are simple: you need to move the nightlight into a slot. It doesn’t move on it’s own, so you have to push, pull, lift, drop and catch it with the level blocks. There are two types of blocks: light and dark. Blocks of the same color stick together, creating figures that you move around. There is no “empty” space at all: when you touch the dark block, imagine that the light blocks are the “empty space”, and vice versa - when you’re moving a light block, the black blocks act as that space. Seems hard? Well then don’t read this wall of text, go install the game - it may be easier and most surely funnier than you think.
Takes a non-standard way of thinking!
Keep away from stupid!
Can cause severe impatience!
5 monsters worlds
100 mindblowing levels with multiple solutions
Beautiful backgrounds
Charming nightlight
Non-linear thinking
Puzzle made fun with abilities
It really is easier than it seems, and here are some tips to help you till you get it:
The goal is to put the nightlight into a slot.
You can’t move the nightlight directly. You can push, pull and lift it with the blocks.
You earn a star for each killed monster.
Monsters are killed when the nightlight passes close by.
You can move a block around when it is surrounded with blocks of a different color.
You can’t move a block if the wall is on the way.
You can split a block with another block of a different color.
Two blocks of the same color stick together, forming one block
Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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Tales of the World: Tactics Union v1.01

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Description: Full-scale simulation RPG "Tales of" series appeared smartphone!■ What is included in the terminal [recommended] is a model before your purchase, please check [Always].※ appear that you press the "More" page in our list of recommended terminal.For non-recommended terminal, it will be covered by the warranty even if the "Buy" button is displayed,Please note that you will be excluded from the refund and your support.

◆ ◆ ◆ A new battle and story unfolded by successive series characters who! ◆ ◆ ◆~
~ There are places to visit everyone without knowing"Revu~aria" shape the world dream of many of the inhabitants of the world will gather"Rufuresu family" living is the incarnation of stagnation dark heart of the nightmare and there Hito-jinBy purifying the "Vuru" had been balanced in the world.More recently, Vuru that did not form until it has become so materialized as monsters, however.You can compete with Vuru that manifestation is, we only Rufuresu called "(mol dream) Mamoru dreams".One day, I disappeared all at once but we also observe that dream.We do not have the power still young Rufuresu left are, from the side of the world is awakeTry can compete Vuru was materialized, the summoning of the "awakening people to dream," those who force there.

◆ ◆ ◆ achieve the style of play at a party full of adult number that is not possible with the strategic RPG! ◆ ◆ ◆

Ayatsureru freely their distinctive character - unique intuitive touch screen operation! ~[Basic Operation]Tap a destination: moveTap Tap the attack after destination, are in attack range attacks:Surgical technique: After tapping the "Arts" icon and select the art technique to use, tap the target characterOver Limits: Limits over while the gauge was full, tap the gaugeSurgical technique selected from the list in the state over Limits: mystery 秘[Favorability rating system]Favorability is up by or to the same sortie to map specific character and act together.With increasing favorability rating, to enjoy events favorability rating among skit character occurs orSpecial skills and "cooperation" and "protect" is invoked.[Tips] gameplayAre partners will increase and advance the story! And get a lot of fellow!• If advance the story, you can level up in the area has been cleared once. Bring up a favorite character!· Let's make the party consider attacking role, role shield, and recovery role, the balance!· To understand the capabilities and characteristics of each character, so you can increase the width of the strategy!Aimed at the large-attribute damage on the enemy weakness! Pay attention also to the attributes of the technique that can be used!Level up in the fragments of memory that came into my hands after the battle! Collect the pieces of rare, strong operative technique and skills will remember!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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Android Tuner v0.8.2

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☺ Best on rooted phones, works well on stock phones too.
♦♦ Unique features not available elsewhere (root required) ♦♦
◊ Clean and safe reboots, without data loss
◊ Turn on/off APN, BT discovery, tethering, GPS & WiFi Localization
◊ Automatic backup of installed and updated applications
◊ Logcat reader for Android JellyBean 4.1.x
◊ Highly configurable graphical monitoring widgets
◊ Battery milli-amp (mA), mW and %/h consumption reporting
◊ Easiest Link2SD / App2SD capabilities ever
◊ Advanced script editor
◊ More about permissions requested:

♦♦ Feature set (some require root access, please try free version first) ♦♦
► File explorer ***
◊ Access /data or any folders on rooted devices
◊ Automated batch copy/paste, zip, delete, move of files and folders
◊ Change file permissions and ownership
◊ View, edit, share and stream files
◊ Access all your network share

► Application manager ***
◊ Automated batch for any of the following actions
◊ Backups app and its data/settings (automatic, multiple versions)
◊ System app uninstaller and update cleaner
◊ Sharing (email, bluetooth, dropbox, google drive, etc)
◊ Moving any apps to user, system or SD
◊ Linking any apps to SD
◊ Freeze/unfreeze any apps
◊ Zip align, clear cache, fix permissions and terminate any apps
◊ Start-up and event manager
◊ Enable/disable any components (activities, services, receivers)
◊ Usage statistics
◊ Backup and restore text messages and call-log
◊ Schedule backups and optimization
◊ Wipe dalvik-cache, clear Android cache

► Task manager
◊ Check CPU, network and memory usage
◊ Kill any apps or kernel processes
◊ Automatic task killer
◊ Memory booster
◊ Highly configurable

► System Control *** ****
◊ CPU governor, frequency, voltage
◊ Save/load predefined CPU voltage
◊ Kernel settings editor (basic and advanced mode)
◊ Build.prop editor
◊ Boost SD reading speed
◊ SD content analyzer
◊ Optimize overall data transfers
◊ Optimize applications and their databases
◊ Android memory manager control
◊ Safe control: restore defaults from app or CWM
◊ Safe CPU control: automatically restore CPU settings on boot-loop
◊ Recommended kernel and build.prop settings
◊ Manual and automatic optimization

► System Monitoring
◊ All Android applications or all processes
◊ Battery, CPU, network, memory
◊ Component states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)
◊ Highly configurable

► Battery Saving ***
◊ Turn off WiFi, BT, GPS, 3G during standby/screen-off
◊ Lower CPU consumption during standby/screen-off
◊ Memory booster and task cleaner

► Battery and System Notifications
◊ Shows battery, cpu, memory, sd, temperature in the status bar
◊ Shows graphics in the notification drop-down
◊ Highly configurable

► Highly Configurable Widgets
◊ 1x1 text widgets
◊ 2x1 text widgets (PRO ONLY)
◊ 2x1-5x2 graphic widgets (PRO ONLY)
◊ 1x1 toggle widgets ***
◊ 4x1 toggle widgets *** (PRO ONLY)
◊ 4x4 summary widgets, works in 4.2 lock-screen (PRO ONLY)

► Terminal Emulator
◊ Command history
◊ Run or test any scripts
◊ Share commands and outputs

► Script Editor
◊ Run scripts on boot
◊ Build complex scripts
◊ Share scripts

► System Logs Reader
◊ Logcat reader **
◊ Kernel messages (dmsg, kmsg) *
◊ Advanced filtering and search

and much more that meets the eye ☺

* Requires root
** Requires root on Android 4.1+
*** Requires root for full feature
**** Depends on Kernel support

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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Skullpogo v1.0

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Description: The hordes of undead are invading!
Zombies, bloodthirsty bats, and... vampire PIGS? It's time to deal with these vile cretins using your secret weapon: a POGO stick!
Tilt your Phone or Tablet left or right, and bounce those undead monsters back to their graves! The deviously simple yet addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more, and the real pros can compete for the top spot on our OpenFeint leaderboards.
+ Explosive power-ups!
+ Huge combo chains!
+ Online leaderboards and dozens of achievements!
+ 3 different worlds to pogo!
+ Catch the catchy soundtrack!

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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Chimpact v1.1

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Description: Luscious environments with a variety of delightful characters make Chimpact top of its class. Collect gems, medallions and bananas by chucking your chimp through stunning jungle landscapes. Use bananas to add abilities to your chimp and complete all levels perfectly.
**** Game Features ****
- Simple, one-touch gameplay
- Four stunningly lush worlds with 12 levels each
- Two complete game modes to beat: Gem Quest and Totem Trail
- 240 challenge medallions to earn
- Eight abilities to earn and three chimps to unlock
- Beautiful environments + cute characters
**** Press Quotes ****
"Chimpact makes me hungry. Mostly for bananas, but also for one more round of play..." - 148Apps
"This is one of those games that's about as simple as they come...But it's that simplicity that makes it compulsive and fun." - TouchArcade
"Chimpact is definitely a must buy..." - Capsule Computers
"Everyone loves monkeys, and everyone loves catapults. Mathematically speaking, adding the two together can only result in smartphone and tablet gaming gold." - PocketGamer
**** Follow Chimpact ****

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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Android booster v1.4.9

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Description: Android booster "won the 2011-2012 Award for best applications for tool! The original inflatable booster is excellent system optimization software.

Android booster is the world's first inflatable booster, dynamic skin system optimization master, the most simple and convenient mobile garbage cleanup and memory scrubbing software. Behind the interface, inflatable booster, one button cleaning! Totally your cell phone can clean up the garbage, the system booster. Effectively enhance cell phones running speed, save power and improve battery life, your intimate cell phone butler.
Product Features:
* Practical: thoroughly clean common system junk, cache files, and make phone run faster;
* Simple: desktop suspend interface, and a button operation will be simple to achieve the ultimate;
* Dazzling: speed stunning scene for your cell phone.
* Innovation: original blowing booster let your cell phone unique.
* Subject shops, a variety of dynamic skin, more dazzling booster effect;
* Clean up regularly, so that the cell phone system optimization work is fully automated processing;
* Perfectly compatible with the Android system;
We look forward to your feedback, we will do better.

Android OS Requierements: 2.0+


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Filip Flisar Ski Cross HD v1.10

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Description: Choose a character, select a course and prepare yourself for a breathtaking Ski Cross experience with Filip Flisar. Be fast, be brave and watch out for obstacles like the angry sleeping yeti. Tackle the steep hills and try to pick up as many energy drinks as you can for an extra boost. Beware of giant jumps and tricky bumps which can put an end to your race. But you are not here to casually ski down the hill like a pensioner! This is why you are skiing against a skilled opponent. Do you have the balls to avoid all dangers and beat your opponent to the finish line?
★Action packed gameplay
★Eye-catching graphics
★8 playable characters – including Filip Flisar himself!
★Numerous breathtaking courses
★Multiple ski resorts
★Awesome music
★3 difficulty settings
★Online leaderboards
★Simple and Intuitive UI
★Throughout a very fun experience
★Bonus content
You might have the skill to beat Filip on the leaderboards, but you know you’ll never have a moustache as awesome as his. That’s a fact
Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) v7.0.1186

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Description: The world’s No. 1 mobile office today!
# Installed on over 100 million devices in more than 205 countries
# Over 40,000 registrations per day
# No. 1 app in Google Play Business category
Made by MobiSystems, OfficeSuite Pro allows you to view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. You can also open attachments and see PDF files on an Android based phone or tablet with our feature-rich mobile office solution.
OfficeSuite Pro includes a File Browser and integration with Cloud service leaders: Box, DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync to give users a multitude of options on how to manage files and attachments.
---OfficeSuite Pro 7 Out Now! New Features---
* New and improved UI
* Side bar navigation in the File Browser for quick access to different folders and remote third party cloud services
* Templates - OfficeSuite Pro 7 users can benefit from a wide range of templates, from Resume and Invoice templates to Travel Planner and Weight Loss Tracker templates, among others
* Extended Cloud support - now compatible with Microsoft SkyDrive. Google Drive support has been improved, by adding folder support, thus allowing for optimized document view
Docs Editor:
* Styles - apply MS Word styles or styles used in the document
* Table design – ability to fashion an inserted table as per our library of tailor-made designs
* Formulas (display only)
* Format painter
Spreadsheet Editor:
* Improved selection of parameters in functions
Slides Editor:
* Animations
PDF Viewing:
* A new PDF engine using library from Adobe, providing instant opening of large PDF files
* Find/Find Next
--File Formats Supported--
* Text format - DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT, LOG
* Spreadsheet - XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV
* Presentation - PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
* Other formats - PDF, EML, ZIP
--Easy File Access and Sharing--
* With the integrated File Browser you can easily access, modify and share your local or Cloud stored files. OfficeSuite integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, Box, SugarSync and SkyDrive
* Easily open email attachments
* Work with Outlook EML files
* Share documents via Email or Bluetooth
--Intuitive and Intelligent Design--
* OfficeSuite 7 comes with new intuitive design and user experience allowing quick and intuitive workflow while you manage your files or create and modify documents.
* New side bar gives instant access to local and cloud stored files.
* Two-finger zoom, multi-touch support, context toolbars and popup menus make your work with OfficeSuite quick and fun.
--OfficeSuite Extensions--
* QuickSpell – fully integrated with OfficeSuite Pro QuickSpell will help you dramatically improve your typing accuracy.
* Font Pack – allows you to use Microsoft most used fonts in OfficeSuite text documents.
* Note that OfficeSuite Extensions are sold separately. Purchasing any of the extensions is optional.

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


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Sentinel 3: Homeworld v1.2.7

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Description: Sentinel 3: Homeworld - From the award winning Sentinel tower defense series!

The biggest instalment of the award winning Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series - is finally here on Android!

Take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry & get up close and personal on the battlefield in your power armor to execute devastating attacks and support your defenses!

** A gruelling campaign across 20 levels!
** A powerful commander unit which can level up and gain new abilities as you play!
** Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal!
** Customize your weapon loadout in the Armory to match the demands of the mission.
** Stunning graphics & fx!
** Endless modes for all maps!
** Classic mode allows you to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game mode!
** Support for achievements, global scores, friends and more using OpenFeint!
** View strategic layouts from the leaderboards - see how the best players think!
** Exclusive music by Specimen A!

What's in this version:
V1.2.7 changes:
- fix minor graphical issues such as energy bar display on some devices.
V1.2.6 changes:
- Campaign 2 is now included for all users (In-App purchase removed). The price of the game will be increased instead to cover the cost of all content in a week
- New audio engine for sound effects
- Fixed crash/memory corruption bugs

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


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The Smiler v1.02

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Description: Play the game of The Smiler, the new world first rollercoaster coming to Alton Towers Resort in 2013.

Control the ride cars around the twisted metal of the rollercoaster in as perfect line as possible, while navigating through the body and mind marmalising features of the ride.

Mastering the intense thrills, twists and turns will give you the ability to upgrade the world first rollercoaster step-by –step. Every point you earn can be used to unlock new ride elements, from additional body wrenching loops to the extra twisted psychological effects of the coaster’s central feature, The Marmaliser.

Smile. Always.

---The Smiler Game---
- Experience the intense thrills, twists and turns of the ride ahead of its Spring 2013 opening
- Take control of The Smiler ride cars and the minds of the rollercoaster riders
- Steer a perfect line through the inversions of the ride
- Take advantage of the boost to maximise your scoring potential
- Upgrade the rollercoaster step by step by unlocking loops and psychological effects

---The Smiler Scanner---
Discover a world you didn’t know existed through the in-built The Smiler Scanner.

---Wheel of Win---
Win special Alton Towers Resort prizes with a free spin every day, and the chance to earn more spins by playing the game.

The Smiler is the new world first rollercoaster coming to Alton Towers Resort in May 2013. The Smiler is an all-knowing, controlling force that will make riders compliant until they become a smiling advocate.

What's in this version:
v1.01 - Nexus 7 now compatible with app

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


More info:

Desert 51 v1.01

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Description: Held down in the tons of steel and concrete, alien and unpredictable force was waiting for it’s time, waiting for the moment when the person putting over his experiments on it will be mistaken.And his mistake was inevitable, because an experiment over something alien and unpredictable – is already a mistake.
The crew of the experimental gyroscopic tank which was coming back from trial runs to secret object, faced consequences of the mistake the first. Through thick armored glass they saw the crowd of people going by. Their clothes were torn up to pieces and dirty, and someone’s extremities were torn off. They were going unconsciously, coming across at each other, as if they were zombies... Yes! In the first seconds it really was hard to believe that those were zombies! But illusions and doubts evaporated when these beings, distorted by anger and rage, started rushing under tank caterpillars, trying to gnaw through armor.
Having estimated depth and gravity of the happened accident, and realizing the threat which have hung over mankind, the crew decides to battle to these aggressive creatures and to break to threat epicenter.
Now you are facing the greatest challenge because you are the crew!
Full control without screen buttons.
Unlock weapons and upgrades for your tank.
Stylish and productive graphics.
Bright special effects.
Dynamic and attractive gameplay.
Thousands of zombies and other paranormal phenomena.
Atmospheric soundtrack.
New maps and game modes with the subsequent updates.

Android OS Requierements: 2.0.1+


More info:
Download Instructions - APK:

Battery Widget Reborn v1.6.0/PRO

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Description: This is is Pro version of Battery Widget? Reborn! application.

This app provides following functionality:

Battery widget
- circle battery level indicator indicator perfectly fits pure Android design
- resizable on Android 4.x+
- support for both main and external dock battery (Asus Transformer only)

Basic battery info
- Battery Info
- Shortcuts to Power-Summary/Background Sync/Wifi/BT Settings

Status bar notification of battery status
- multiple icon styles
- prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts
- customizable texts in notification area (estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery health)

Power saving functionality
- automatic airplane mode during the night (simple but powerful battery saver functionality)

Charging and discharging chart

Extended notifications support for Jelly Bean phones
- optional charging and discharging chart
- power related toggles:
- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- Background Sync
- Airplane mode
- customizable notification priority

Holo themes interface on all phones with Android 2.3+

Specific HW vendor support
- supports Motorola 1% increment
- supports Asus Transformer secondary (dock) battery

Installation and operation notes
- Task Killer or Task Manager may affect this app. Please don’t use them if app does not work as expected
- App is highly optimized and DOES NOT drain you battery
- Known issues are at you can prioritize bug fixes and enhancements there by voting
- Frequently asked questions are at, look there before sending support request
- Due to the limitation of the Android platform, homescreen widgets will NOT be available if application is moved to SD card.
- Some devices indicate battery level every 10% due to their kernel design (known ones are: most Motorola devices including Droid and Atrix series, Samsung Moment series). Try to use Motorola 1% hack feature if your phone is among these devices
- In Android 4.0, the system may shrink and dim level indicator icons in status bar.

UI is more or less translated to German, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, English, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Android OS Requierements: 2.3+


More info:

Frank Claus

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Description: Frank Claus: The Giftkatcher is a free retro style arcade game. Amazing 8 bit graphics and addictive gameplay.
A presumptive next-of-kin of Santa Claus, named Frank Claus, have to catch all gifts falling from the sky. Aware bombs and aliens, they don't like our adorable pixel character.
For controlling Frank use accelerometer for movement and tap for jump.
There are three game modes:
- classic: just catch as more gifts as you can.
- survive: the world around is very dangerous, but you still need to get all the gifts.
- rush: your life is totally depends on gifts, catch more to extend your life, be fast.
* Unique 8-bit retro graphics
* Works both on phones and tablets
* Share your highscore via social services (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
* Awesome 8bit music
* 8-bit art inspired by retro console games
* Suitable for all ages - Kids & Adults
* Modern 2D gameplay
* Optimized for Tablets

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


More info and download:

Sidebar Pro v3.0.5.0

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Introducing Sidebar - A brilliant new way of multitasking on Android.It's fast, functional, fluid, and customizable to your liking. Populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple - yet elegant.
- Fast, fluid, and immersive animations
- A simple Add button appended at the end of the sidebar summons a menu listing all the apps installed on your system. Simply pick an app, and it will be added to the sidebar for quick access.
- To dock the sidebar, simply select an app or touch outside
- To remove an app, simply swipe it out of the sidebar! Alternatively, long pressing will bring up further options such as inserting and replacing.
- Add widgets: many widgets/toggles are included (App drawer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Brightness, Torch, Running Apps, Music play/pause/skip)
Sidebar Pro
Sidebar Pro lifts the limitations put on the lite version and opens access to new customizability as well as functionality - elevating sidebar, to its most impeccable and pure state.
Sidebar Pro offers the full set of features. These include:
- Unlimited items!
- Unlimited widgets!
- Unlimited widget usage!
- Full settings!
- Adjust width!
- Adjust opacity!
- Choose color scheme!
- Disable notification!
- Lock items!
Sidebar is in constant development. Development began as soon as the idea stemmed well before the debut of Ubuntu Phone and recent such apps. The developer ensures a smooth and polished experience to every single user. User experience is key in making Sidebar the perfect multitasking app for Android. XDA:
- Sidebar was showcased on the front page of XDA as well as on XDA TV
- Sidebar was also the best among Android Authority's Top 7 Apps of the week
- Sidebar was reviewed by AddictiveTips
- Sidebar won Best Application at CodeDay Seattle hosted by StudentRND.
The Notification
It prevents Android from killing Sidebar. Without it, sidebar could not run forever in the foreground and would eventually be closed.
Why the camera permission? In order for the torch widget to function, full access to the camera hardware is required by Android.

Android OS Requierements: 2.1+


More info:

The Lost World v1.01

reznaf | 11:00 AM | , , , ,

Description: New game in the genre of "three in a row," supplemented with a new masterpiece! Help me get to the treasure of the Aztecs of the fair sex, having a considerable amount of fun and excitement levels of destruction.

You will have a great set of characters that can bring not only good luck, but extra points and magic effects! Have time to destroy everything in the allotted time, you or the number of turns, and as a reward you will receive gold coins that can be brought as a gift to the gods and to receive their blessings! Rising up the pyramid - you'll kazhim a level closer to their goals. The further you progress, the more difficult the job will be, but rest assured - it just will delight you!

★ 8 exciting locations
★ 48 levels of arcade
★ 3 additional skills
★ 20 characters Aztecs
★ The system of earning gold coins
★ Stunning graphics
★ Incredible sound effects

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


More info:

Starcrossed v1.0

reznaf | 10:00 AM | , , , ,

Description: Starcrossed is a whimsical 2D platformer game where you guide a crash-landed astronaut back to his home planet, using a rocket launcher to send him flying through space from one asteroid to another.

Gravity plays a pivotal role as it will affect the astronaut’s movement. Temperature is also important: be careful not to expose the astronaut to the burning heat of the sun or the freezing conditions of outer space for too long!

Starcrossed was created during the Dare to be Digital 2012 games development competition. The game was one of the winning entries and is nominated for BAFTA "Ones to Watch" award 2013.

- Intuitive one-touch controls
- 30 levels of fast and quirky gravity-based gameplay
- Various different planets, each with their unique properties
- Vivid colors and a painterly look
- Original sound and music

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


More info:

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