The Legend of Holy Archer v1.0.1 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Description: This is the latest one of Summer Time Studio’s six games!
Summer Time Studio Co., ltd in Okinawa, Japan have released the latest game “Holy Archer”.

You would fly freely and shoot holy arrows with the beautiful world as your stage which is included console game skills.

You can control this game by only one finger!

■■About the game■■

Suddenly a dark hole appeared in this beautiful world.

The hole has been told as a very old story by a kingdom.
From the hole there are old horrible devils.

YOU are only one as a holy archer who can shoot holy arrows.
Soon you have grated a kingdom.

Fortunately, the devils’ bodied did not appear on the ground.

You have to destroy them before they appear their whole bodies in the world.
Restore peaceful sky and world!!


●Defeat devils using arrows by only one finger!

●Be careful! You may lose, if you do not have your arrows anymore!

●Think strategies! Because there are many routes on each stage!

●You would have a number of gold money, valuable goods such as god’s bow and arrow and so on. You may find them three boxes which color are gold, silver and copper on each stage!

●10 devils in there and they have weak points, they do not feel anything or something. Win the game to aim their points!

●The most beautiful graphic art of casual game for Android has come up!
(It is available to set up graphic three types of option because it is up to your phone to be changeable good or bad convenience)

【Recommended Model】
On and after AndroidOS 4.2.
On and after GalaxyS2.

- Money 999999999
- All bows and arrows unlocked

Android OS Requierements: 2.2+


More info:

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