MEGA Construction Trucks v1.0

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Description: Get your hands on the biggest of the big construction equipment! Demolish buildings, move super-sized cargo, load containers with monster cranes, command huge robotic arms on the assembly line, and much more. A range of different levels from space station junkyard to warehouse forklifts provides a unique experience for each level! Operating cranes on the harbor port is particularly challenging.
Features the latest high-end rendering techniques and 3D physically based interaction! Advanced lighting for the environments includes baked global illumination and dynamic real time lighting!
Factory Warehouse : Maneuver a forkift through a factory, pick up crates, and load them onto the back of a big rig.
Harbor : pick up containers with supersized cranes, load them onto ships.
Robotics assembly line : move the parts from the conveyor belt to the separator bins.
Wrecking ball : Use your front loader and dump truck to clear rubble that comes down when you smash old buildings with your wrecking crane.
Space station garbage dump : drive your futuristic robotic vehicle and collect old parts with your gripping claw hand.
Storage warehouse : use the specialized forklifts to bring crates inside the storage building.
Construction building : use overhead cranes to move containers for loading and unloading in a construction zone.

Android OS Requierements: 2.3+


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