My HDR Camera Pro v1.4

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Description: A lot of details and other beautiful meanings are hidden in most captured photos when using default camera setting.
This application introduces a new HDR utility that passes on main HDR controls needed to have incredible results.
Internal HDR engine is designed to get the benefit of hardware acceleration capability in user’s device; this is why “My HDR Camera” is the fastest in the market.
The application gives you all needed controls to calibrate and optimize your photos.
The application’s UI is designed to be expressive and simple enough for all users by flattening all tools.
Below are main HDR controls:-
1- Shaddow Level.
2- HDR Strength.
3- Color saturation level.
4- Brightness Level.

Android OS Requierements: 4.0+


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{ White Sheep } at: 2/03/2016 1:02 PM said...

To achieve hdr effect, the application creates three images with different exposure settings and combines them into one, retaining detail in dark and light areas of a photo. I like HDR but only using PC and special soft

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