Shoot v1.1

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Description: This camera is all about enabling you to take control over your Android device in an intuitive and powerful way, and getting the best photos possible out of it - for direct use or further post processing.
Shoot is:
• For anyone that wants to take his/her mobile photography to the next level - beginners and professionals alike.
• Automatic, customized and manual, depending on what you need and prefer
• Optimized for speed; quick start up, rapid focusing, minimal shutter and exposure lag
• Maximizing technical photo quality
• Intuitive, uncluttered and pleasing design, in line with Google Material Design guidelines
• Powerful and containing useful features that assist you in getting the shots you want
Shoot is also a brand new application and there's a long list of exciting stuff that we want to invent, develop and improve. We hope that you want to be a part of that.
If there's something in particular that you like or dislike, please let us know in a review!

Features (support is device specific):
• Continuous auto focus (AF) and manual focus (MF)
• Manual exposure compensation (EV +/-)
• Manual shutter speed/exposure time (shutter priority)
• Manual ISO sensitivity
• Manual white balance
• RAW image captures (.dng file format)
• JPEG image captures optimized for post processing (low processing output mode)
• Burst captures
• Self timer (1 - 20 s)
• Current auto or manual exposure details (shutter speed/exposure time, aperture, ISO sensitivity)
• Real time histogram for camera preview
• Blown highlights live warning (shows what will be overexposed in your current composition)
• Black shadows live warning
• Auto metering lock with pressed shutter button (similar to half pressed shutter on cameras)
• Accessible auto exposure (AE) tuning before capture
• Vibration feedback (won't introduce image blurring)
• Cable and remote shutter release via headset and bluetooth headset button
• Geotagging (gps, cell network or wifi based)
• Detailed camera device information

Android OS Requierements: 4.0+


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