First official photos of Huawei P9, launch event on 6th of April

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Photos of the much hyped Huawei P9 are up, thanks to the company that decided to give us a peek a bit before the phone’s launch.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must realise these are close-up pictures that show a component or two and not much else.

The pictures were put up on the company’s teaser page for the Huawei P9. The page is complete with these pictures and also a timer to remind you about the impending launch.

The dual camera set up is confirmed by the first picture in this series of three. What it also confirms is the meaning behind the hashtag #OO that Huawei has been using to tease the P9.

Apart from that, a rounded-square fingerprint scanner, which should be on the rear of the phone, is seen along with an edge of the device that depicts a glossy yet textured rear.

Multiple versions of this phone are expected to show up at the launch event, which is scheduled for 6th of April.


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