Oath of Genesis v1.0

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Description: Story : Once upon a time in a village named Midgar, A attack was happened. Wolf started a war for human blood. There were two leaders of Wolf's clan. Human was able to defeat one of the two leader. But in the end, human kind was defeated. But the fortune-teller told that, someone will come and he will help us. After long time a man named Genesis comes in village. He found about the war of Humans & Wolf...

Now, It's our turn to live. Help the people of Midgar. Only you can do it...

Features :
Battle System : Automatic & Manual
Change Camera Angle As You Need
Choose Your Favorite Avatar For Playing
Cutscene For Entertainment
Entertaining Musics
Extra Non-Playable Characters
Help For Playing
HP/MP (Health Points/Magic Points) System
Inventory Items
Level System
Map For Navigation
Save-Load Game
Share Score To Social Networks
Shops (Weapons/Potions)

Android OS Requierements: 4.0+


More info:

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