After the End Forsaken Destiny v1.1.1

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Description: Get ready to flex your mental muscles and be wow’ed in After The End: Forsaken Destiny.

Solve stunning 3d puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty; discover a breathtaking, ancient world ready to be unearthed; and finally, unravel the mystery behind a father-son duo journey - on parallel paths, separated by time. 

Begin the Journey and find what comes After The End!

Solve Dynamic Puzzles
Master a variety of complex puzzles that surround you! Turn hidden levers and press secret switches to create new pathways.

Explore Ancient Lands
Manipulate a world, waiting to be discovered. Find new possibilities with the swipe of a finger and help guide each character through ever-evolving landscapes.

Discover Timeworn Marvels
Traverse across sun-swept landscapes and explore massive ruins, dark temples and more!

Collect Relics of the Past
Gather ancient stone fragments scattered along your journey to rebuild statues honoring your ancestors.

Embark on a Mysterious Journey
Experience the parallel journeys of a father and son, separate but intertwined. See whether they will ever be reconnected in the end.
Android OS Requierements: 4.0+


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